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Find out what's happening at ABIS!

So many things happen at ABIS and we love to share!

Grade 10 continue preparing for exams

Grade 10 bravely launched back into school this week with mock speaking exams in their first classes. We will now revise a range of exam topics before doing our formal mock exams, in the four skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening, in February. The...

New students and a busy week ahead

ABIS welcomes Hamza (G7) and Moaaz (G9). Next week will be very busy, including... Monday: subject selection evening for Grade 10 students and parentsTuesday: MUN students leave for Qatar after schoolWednesday: Oman Week parent information eveningThursday: 2nd session...

Grade 11 Physics

This week we continued with our chapter on Modeling a gas. We looked at the isobaric (constant pressure) process and how it is used to explain gas pressure for an ideal gas. We will compare the isobaric process with isovolumetric (isochoric) and isothermal processes...

Ready for a new start

The rain did not stop us from reuniting and continuing with our learning journey for the new year. Grade 1 shared stories about their winter break and reflected upon the importance of working together as we continue growing as learners and individuals. This week we...

Back into biology

With two units to complete in our course of study we began the year using techniques to observe the structure and function of plant cells. I hope students continue to feel challenged and excited about biology as the year begins its last half. We used clear nail posies...

Writing Holiday News

It was lovely to see most of the children back at school, having rested and grown. We are working on writing and publishing our holiday news. We enjoyed welcoming our new classmate, Taiba. We are excited for the new decade and for lots of new learning in 2020.


This week the students enjoyed expressing themselves through Art. They were given paper and paint to do with as they pleased. All had a wonderful time creating their own pictures.

THIMUN Preparation

As we come back from our winter break, we are getting ready for the THIMUN conference next week in Doha, Qatar. Twenty students from ABIS will be representing the countries of Tajikistan and Belgium on various committees such as the General Assembly, Human Rights...

Exploring our Solar System

Our new unit of inquiry is underway! We began with a group activity in which we classified statements about our solar system as being either true or false. It was fun to collaborate and learn together.

ECC with buddies

It was so nice to see our buddies after the long holiday. The students were all very excited to play together. They played board games and with blocks, making the most amazing constructions. Some built puzzles and played with cars. Others enjoyed role playing in the...

Moving On

Grade 9 English Language and Literature is now moving to complete a joint unit of work with I&S on the Holocaust. The students have responded commendably to this serious topic of study and they have produced some fantastically moving poetry. My colleagues and I...

Exhibition starts!!

The Grade 6's have been moving furniture to set up areas for the Exhibition groups. They are ready to start in earnest next week!

Week 17

It is wonderful to see students back to school after a long holiday. Please continue to check school emails and posts to keep up to date. Reminder that next week we will have our Oman Week information meeting. Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to a full...

Grade 5’s are Balanced

It was lovely to see the Grade 5’s after such a long break. Amongst all the rain on Wednesday, we were lucky enough to get out to play at lunch time. Some of the girls were practising their balancing skills, with varying success it has to be said. Let’s try that...

New Year, New Time

In KG3, we have kicked new year learning about time! We have looked at digital and analogue clocks and have been learning to tell the time to the hour! We know that Mathematicians use correct terminology, so when recounting time to the hour we use, 'O'clock'. We have...

Inter House Basketball

It was a busy week this week with the finals of the Inter House Basketball competition being played on Sunday and Monday. On Sunday the Desert Fox girls played the Falcons in a very exciting and close game. The Boccaletti girls, Emma and Greta played with great...

Athletics Day

Well done to all those students who participated and put in fantastic efforts at our athletics track. It was great to see so many students go in so many races and jumping and throwing events and put in their best efforts. Congratulations to the Desert Foxes who won...

G7 Arabic

G7 students analyzed verses of poetry that talk about the value of humility and respect for others. The analysis addressed the main and partial ideas and an explanation of the vocabulary and aesthetics, where each student expressed his way and with his group with an...

Creative Costumes

Each day has brought something new to ABIS this week. The. creative costumes during the week have been amazing. A huge thank you goes to the parents who helped create these costumes. The students enjoyed each themed day. I twined with Ms Simone on Tuesday, which...

Three Cheers for Grade 3

It has been an exciting week building up to Sports Day yesterday. We had fun dressing up in the various themes of the week. We also enjoyed being able to perform 'Sway' at the Winter Concert with older students on Tuesday evening. On Wednesday we arrived at school...

2019 Winter Concert: photos & videos

Wow! What a fantastic evening the 2019 Winter Concert was! A massive congratulations to all the students who performed in this concert. And a massive thank you to everyone involved behind the scenes to make it all possible. Here are a couple of highlights from the...

Final week

What a busy week it has been. I am so proud of all of the Grade 6 students that performed in the choir and band at the Winter Concert and then at Athletics Day yesterday. I hope you all have a relaxing and restful break and I look forward to starting our Exhibition...

Grade 8 Science

This week Grade 8 Scientists have continued their unit that is investigating healthy eating. They have been applying the food tests they learnt last week and checking foods for Starch Protein Glucose Fats to assist with their inquiries into the SOI Balancing our...

Wow what a week

The children have had a great week and have all earned valuable house points for their teams. Thank you all for supporting our spirit week the children looked fantastic. Have a lovely winter break.

Spirit Week

So many wonderful events this week! There was lots of school spirit this week in Grade 5. From Disney characters to musicians our students did their best to get dressed up and make each other smile.

The Scottish Play

After a long and gruesome journey, G7&8 English finally reached the bloody climax of Macbeth! As seemingly impossible prophecies came true, the psychotic King realized, along with the students, that he had been played for a fool by the evil witches. Just...

Happy holidays from the ECC

We are coming to the end of 2019 so we decided to make some holiday cookies. The children rolled and cut them into a variety of holiday shapes. After baking they chose different coloured icing and candies to creatively decorate them. Each child made a basket to...

The Gingerbread Man

We learned about the different ways stories can be told by exploring the tale about the Gingerbread Man. We read the story and acted it out with finger puppets. We listened to a song and compared the characters and endings in both. Then the students chose what...

Spiriting into Holidays

What a great time we have had learning over the last 16 weeks! There has been so many changes and development in our students that spirit week has been a lovely way to finish the term. The African proverb says it takes a whole village to raise a child. That means an...

Crazy Spirit Week

It’s nearly the holidays- we have been having a fun and busy week with Sports Day, consolidating our learning and dressing up... Well done to everyone for all your learning! It’s Pyjama Day! Look at how confident and strong we are. We learnt about doing descriptive...


Dear All, It is with regret that we inform you that Moonlight, one of the farms goats, has had to be put to sleep as she was suffering from a terminal illness. We have enjoyed Moonlight as part of the ABIS family for many years and have shared some photos with you.

The Head's Blog


Dear All, It is with regret that we inform you that Moonlight, one of the farms goats, has had to be put to sleep as she was suffering from a terminal illness. We have enjoyed Moonlight as part of the ABIS family for many years and have shared some photos with you.

Photos are ready to order

Last month, Lensman Studios Photographers visited the school to take individual, class, sibling and family portraits. The digital thumbnails are ready for you to view in order to place an order.  Please view the photographs using the links below and complete the...

Important Staffing Announcement

Dear ABIS parents,   We need to share some important news with you, and the wider ABIS community.  Our Head of School, Neil Tomalin, has decided to move on at the end of the current school year, and it is with reluctance that we have accepted his...

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