And just like that, Grade 3 is over!

What a great year we’ve had! Today we met Kaveri from Tiger By The Tail. She told us about the work she does and how to care for the stray cats in Sohar. We told her about our mini Souq and presented her with the 264 rial that we raised. She has many cats that are...

Amazing Action by Grade 3!

Our mini souq was a fantastic success! Thank you to everyone who contributed to supplies and the students for their hard work in organizing and hosting. The whole school came to visit over 3 days and we raised a massive 264 rials for Tiger By The Tail.

Preparing to trade

This week we have been finishing assessments and preparing for our mini Souq. Students have made and put up posters and sent invitations to the other students in primary and secondary. Everyone is looking forward to some buying and selling next week.

What a great performance!

We are so proud of the Grade 3 students! What an amazing performance! The students researched and wrote their play and we hope you enjoyed the small part you saw today. The trailer and full film will be shared with you before the end of the year. A special thank you...

Import, Export and Trade

What a fantastic trip to a local supermarket! The students looked carefully at where the fruits and vegetables were imported from or whether they were local. They questioned why some produce was more expensive than others and calculated what they could afford to buy....