Half way through our first unit!!

We are over half way through our first unit already. The students have started looking at different forms of poetry as a vehicle to describe themselves as learners. We have also started to inquire into how ‘beliefs impact celebrations’. In other news, some...

Knowing me, knowing you!

In Grade 6 this week we have getting to know who we are as individuals and finding out about each other as well. We have looked at ways that we can make small, positive changes to the choices and decisions we make.

Week 1 in Grade 6

Our first week in Grade 6 has been spent getting to know each other, discussing our expectations for the coming year and working together on our Essential Agreements. We have already started thinking about the Exhibition and we are excited about what lies ahead.

Day 1 at ABIS

Hello, my name is Sarah Cooper and I’m one of the Grade 6 teachers for the upcoming year. I’m very excited to be starting at ABIS and meeting students and parents. My husband will be teaching whole school PE and our sons Olly and Toby will be in Grade 9...