Welcome to the Grade 3

Here you’ll find exciting news from the teacher about what’s happening in the classroom, pictures of student learning experiences and work, updates from the Music and P.E. teachers, and special announcements from the Director. You can expect new posts weekly, so check back often for all the latest school and Grade 3 happenings!

Week 35

It was an active and engaging week in Grade 3. We continued to work on writing and looking at different genres. We explored mystery and science fiction! Students did a wonderful job of presenting their artefacts to their classmates. We wish you a wonderful Eid holiday...

reading stories

G3 students used the iPad to read and analyze stories and answer various questions that help students develop their language and increase new vocabulary

ABIS Community Iftaar Next Week: May 22nd

Although we are coming to the end of this school year, the Student Council has organized one last event: The ABIS Community Iftar. Since Ramadan is a chance for families to gather together, it only seems fitting that our ABIS family take the opportunity...

Many activities with G3 students

G3 students studied the last module of the Arabic language curriculum, which covered many topics that students benefited from, such as cooperation, honesty, caring for others, and students looking through the Internet for similar stories and writing in their own style.

Week 32

We have had a great week in Grade 3. Students were busy creating inventions and innovations that they will try to sell to their classmates. They created prototypes and video advertisements to show their process. This week we also say "so long" to our classmate Fabio....

Week 31

We had a great week in Grade 3. We were busy with all of our weekly activities as well as taking part in viewing the grade 6 exhibition as well as welcoming a guest math teacher in for two lessons.[video...

Assembly for Ramadan

Students participated Omanis from different educational levels in the Assembly for Ramadan where students gave a lot of information and the various paragraphs of poetry and the Koran and Puppet Theater presents new ideas about Ramadan and competitions


The Community Council have organized a new event. A Charity Bazaar! An event where you can sell items that you may not need or use anymore. Keep in mind that the items MUST be in good condition, and small enough to transport. The event will take in place in the Gym on...

Football Tournament

Congratulations to our U16 and U10 football teams for taking out their divisions of the ABIS Tri School Football Tournament  involving teams from ABIS, Future Science and SIS that has been running for the past six weeks. In the U16s ABIS was first with Future...

Student Authors

G3 students have written many topics this week including pollution, how to preserve the environment and express mother on Mother's Day

Swim Gala

Well done to all those who participated in this year's ABIS Swimming Gala. With our scoring system working well and a new programme the day went smoothly with the Primary section finishing a bit early and the Secondary right on time. Congratulations to the Desert...

Reading day in mother tongue

Mothers participated in the reading day in the mother tongue by reading stories in Arabic for all their native speakers. Ms. Khadija and some G8 students also participated in a presentation of a representative scene,

Week 24

Many events throughout he week! The swim gala was a huge success and much work was completed in our unit of inquiry.

The Third place for ABIS

Five student from 4G took apart in the MoE Arabic competition which was held on the 11th March in Baraem Suhar school the aim of the competition was to measure the student's thinking skills and their abilities in the content interpretation Congratulations ABIS

Grammar rules in an easy way

This week, third graders studied some grammatical rules through the game of classification. The students were given a group of random cards with some pronouns on them. Students placed the card in the place where you belong.

Week 23

Our new unit of inquiry is underway! We are looking at Earths finite natural resources. Our focus in week 1 was on water. We also met with our K2 buddies this week!

Trip to Fizh

We had a wonderful camping trip to Fizh. There were many activities and adventures packed into a short 3 days. Please find attached a few highlight photos. Many thanks to Paul and Saskia who joined us, the amazing folks who prepared the yummy spaghetti dinner and...