Welcome to Grade 3

Highlights from this week..

Castles and Dragons…

Dear Parents Students have been learning to write a fiction story. The process has taken some time as we spent a week on each element of the narrative; introduction, setting, character description, dialogue, action and conclusion. We also worked through the editing...


This week the students tuned in to their new unit of inquiry, How We Organise Ouselves. They looked at new vocabulary, watched videos and completed activities that made them identify needs and wants, producers and consumers, money and trade as key words. We have...

End of Year Book Return Dates and Last Scholastic Book order for Summer!!

The last day for student library check out will be June 2nd, and all books to be returned to the library by June 9th.  Reminder: The ABIS library policy for lost books is:  Any damaged or lost book must be replaced by the student by whom it was checked out to last....

The Egyptian Cast..

Dear Parents This week students performed and recorded their Egyptian play. They worked well together by listening and collaborating. They also had lots of fun and giggles throughout the process.

Lights, camera, action!

This week the students started recording their Ancient Egypt play. They wore fabulous consumes, remembered their lines (mostly) and showed their knowledge and understanding of the unit through a creative, group written script. Here is a look at how amazing they looked...

Gymnastics ASA off to a flying start!

With full attendance at our first gymnastics ASA, students had an opportunity to try out all of our equipment. We will now be exploring and building skills in a variety of different gymnastic disciplines, including vaulting, flight and tumbling.

Book Worms!

Dear Parents This week students enjoyed focusing on their favorite book characters, genres and writing stories.

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