Cooking passion project

Our 5 little chefs are LOVING the opportunity to cook yummy dishes every week. Here are some photos from the past couple of passion projects.

Being creative and sharing culture

Grade 8 have been sharing ideas about national identities in French. This week they worked together to generate ideas for marketing traditional food to an international audience and were very creative in their role plays and presentations. We all learned lots from...

Grade 9 Mathematics

This week grade 9 mathematicians were collaboratively revising for a test. This will include everything they have learn’t so far this academic year. They were encouraged to try new approaches. They also, though, had to make sure they were practicing all of the keys...

Grade 8 Science

This week grade 8 Scientists continued to investigate ecosystems. To fuel their inquiries further they went on a field trip to Wadi Hibi. Here they could see first hand how the physical environment (abiotic) influences the living (biotic) life that grow there. Before...


The photography ASA has got off to a very promising start. The students participating have each chosen a theme, such as nature or light. Below are examples of some of the pictures already taken.