the final week

There is great joy that comes with the anticipation of the last week of school. This journey has been a long and sometimes arduous one. But the community at ABIS has made every day brighter. Next week, we will send a list of suggested summer work. It is very important...

Graduation Photos

Over the past two weeks, I had the immense pleasure to visit each home of all ten graduates to personally deliver their certificates and hold a small ceremony with their families. Please enjoy a few photos.

Wrapping up

With only two weeks to go, I am so proud of the work that students, teachers and parents continue to invest. As seen in the news flashes this week, please remember to complete the parent feedback survey so that we can track our progress and plan for improvement....

Eid Mubarak!

Whether you celebrate Ramadan or not, we all need a break to spend time with family. Take the extra time to reach out and video chat with friends and family. We will see you again at the end of next week.