K3 Preparing for Athletics Day

In order to prepare them for Athletics Day, K3 students have been taking part in different running, throwing and jumping activities in PHE. This week they learned about moving over, under and through different obstacles. They also practiced working in a team and now...

Grade 9 attempt a world record!

In order to launch their new Athletics unit, students in PE were set the challenge of breaking the world record for 1 mile. Obviously they would not be able to run as fast as the world record holder if they ran on their own. They were therefore set the task of trying...

Reflection in PE

At the end of their Gymnastics unit, students reflected on their learning. After learning different skills and then working in small groups to develop simple gymnastic routines, they had to decide which learner profile attributes they needed the most.

Fitness Centre at ABIS

Students in Secondary PHE are coming to the end of their Health Related Fitness unit, where they have been learning about fitness training and principles. This week they have taken part in an induction programme, and those who have shown an appropriate level of...

Students using Information Technology in PHE.

Students in PHE are learning the importance of self and peer assessment when attempting to improve their performance. They make and record comments on themselves and others by recording and then watching the video back on the large screen.