Exam Preparation

This week students in grades 10 and 12 have been preparing for their mock exams next week. We are so very proud of their efforts and wish them every success as they face a challenging week ahead.

Secondary students join the primary family

It was a joy to see secondary students join forces with our students, teachers and parents from primary in our Mother Tongue activities this week. Thank you to all involved! Here’s a taster but more is to follow in coming weeks!


The grade 12 students are nearing the end of their plant physiology unit. This week we found flowers and dissected them in order to better know their parts. The weather has been so cool the children wanted jackets to be outside early in the morning. In class they cut...

Soap-Making in Chemistry

The 12th grade students applied some of their chemistry skills to make soap from oils and alkali solution they prepared. They can explain the chemistry behind this important process used to make all kinds of bar soap. Once the soap cures we will cut it into blocks for...