For the month of November, Grade 2 is the top class of borrowers at the ABIS library. Grade 2 students have borrowed an average of over 6 books per student during the month of November! Way to keep reading grade 2!

1,452 books in total were borrowed from the ABIS library during the month of November!!!

Hassan in grade 3 is the ABIS library top patron for November, with a whopping 23 books borrowed over the month. Rana in grade 2 borrowed 12 books for November. Four students borrowed 11 books for the month; Aysha from grade 4, Maryam from grade 2, Turqi  from grade 2, Fatma B from grade 4 and Mais from grade 5. Many, many other students have borrowed 8 or more books over the month of November! We here at the ABIS library love seeing the books fly out of the library and into student hands!

Our top ten borrowed titles for the month of November are:

1. Book Dog Man Pilkey, Dav, 1966- GN 741.5/973 8
2. Book Minecraft construction handbook Needler, Matthew. 793.93/2 NEE 7
3. Book Talking about immigration Levete, Sarah, 304.82 LEV 7
4. Book Dog Man. Brawl of the wild Pilkey, Dav, 1966- [GN] PIL 6
5. Book Dog Man unleashed Pilkey, Dav, 1966- 741.5 PIL 6
6. Book Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus! Willems, Mo. P WIL 6
7. Book The duckling gets a cookie!? Willems, Mo. P WIL 6
8. Book The invention of Hugo Cabret : a novel in words and pictures Selznick, Brian. F SEL 6
9. Book Minecraft : Combat Handbook Craig Jelley. 793.9 JEL 6
10. Book قصص من وحي الواقع : Real-life stories



Keep Reading ABIS!!!