This week was a lot of fun
For the Primary School, students in various grades continued working on improv, but we also had Willem come into several classes and teach the beginning of his competition routine to several classes. The students quickly realised that the seemingly simple move was actually very challenging, involving a lot of strength. This opened a small discussion about safety for growing bones and muscles and why I didn’t have younger children complete movements that older children did. The children were in awe of the hours that the older students need to put in so that they can do their best – and at how strong they have to be.

 The grade sevens have two entries into the competition and so asked to rehearse that today (it is only three days away!!!) so I took the remaining students – the boys – and taught them some lifts – most of them are physically ready for this challenge. A great deal of hilarity ensued as the boys tried to figure out how it worked – and some of that was caught on film.
 IGCSE students have been working hard on completing their dances for competition. These dances are self choreographed and have to fulfil a series of criteria set by the competition organiser. As the dances are quite challenging I am asking them to choreograph in front of me so that I can check for safety and technical correctness. Claire Willis is the primary choreographer of a dance which she is doing with Willem Alberts – the story of Icarus – and Anton Gemarino is the primary choreographer for a dance he, Trisha Centino and Christine Nolido are performing – called Insanity. If you recall, Anton was the main choreographer for the Olympic Rings dance as I was away. 
Last year we won first and second place in our division. I am hoping that the groups do their best and if that includes placing, then great, but if not, if they have performed to their utmost in front of a large audience and have had a good time preparing, that is the most important for me.
Miss Briar was here on a visit earlier this year and is very excited about working with the students – I have been sharing our performances with her and we have been chatting about different ideas she has – I am really thrilled at what she is planning and she has said she would send me the resulting shows. 

Enjoy the enclosed clips!
One more week left!
Ms. Saunders