Yesterday, May 18th, the K3-G12 students displayed their many artistic skills for friends, family, and faculty.

Showing off their achievements in dance, music, and the visual arts, students from almost every grade level at ABIS worked together to create an event that was “Olympic sized”.

With the over arching theme of “The Olympics” (in honor of the coming 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), students performed music inspired by various folk songs from around the world, and performed sport-inspired dances.

Before and after the performing arts portion, guests were able to wander through the G6-G12 Art Exhibition, seeing various examples of beautiful and thought-provoking finished products, as well as intriguing pictures and statements about the various processes to make art.

Everyone who attended last night, performer and audience member alike, had a great time! One of the highlights was the lighting of ABIS’s very first Olympic torch!

Thanks to all who helped in any way, whether as a teacher, volunteer, supportive parent, or adoring audience member!