Grade 9 Woodwork

Congratulations on finishing the Academic area 2020. You should be proud of your effort during this challenging period. A big thank you from Mr Healy and Mr Isles for all your effort and engagement. Have a great summer.

G7 Cooking Design cooking challenge

This week, students have been challenged to create a 3 course meal over the next 3 weeks. So week 1, it’s all about starters / hors d’oeuvres to wet the appetite. Some submissions look very tasty indeed.

G7 Design Cooking

Students have had a choice of whether they want to create another family favorite or try cooking a recipe from a fellow student. They then uploaded videos into Seesaw. Cooking is an amazing life skill for students and is lots of fun. It’s a great way to express...

G9 Prototyping

It has been pleasing to see some students continue with their prototypes, here we have an example of an egg box to sell the school farm eggs recycled from a pizza box. It is great that the students are engaging in design. As one student emailed “I am still doing it...