A busy week in the design classrooms. Most of the students have been building on their basic cooking skills by completing skills based activities. The cooking units in design offer students the opportunity to learn vital life skills of how to feed themselves through the design cycle.

After launching our unit, students were set the task of recreating bruschetta, and Italian canapé. Students harvested basil from the farm prior to heading to the kitchen space. They learnt how to peel a tomato prior to chopping the raw ingredients. I think many students were surprised how good it tasted…
As part of research for the school cafeteria menu, students recreated a vegetable pizza…..
Grade 8s now know how to make a healthy and nutritional pizza, something that would go well on a school cafeteria menu.
Students planned and executed their first Masterchef activity by creating a canapé. The rubric contained 5 judging criteria to be assessed. It certainly was good to see students explore their skills and ‘tease the tastebuds’.
This was the last week for students to finish evaluating their products. Students have been gathering data to assess the success of their products as well as reflect on the impact the solution has had. We will be moving onto a new unit in the coming week. Students will submit their draft report and will have the opportunity to enhance the report prior to submitting the final version.