Another busy week across the MYP grade levels. Grade 7 have been continuing to learn safe practices in the kitchen area. Grade 8 focused on the design challenge and the statement of inquiry. Grade 9 explored the sensors this week while grade 10 started to evaluate their products.

Grade 7 acted as ‘evaluators’ for a grade 10 student who had created a recipe book. Essentially the grade 7s provided valuable feedback but also practiced using the stove top and following instructions. They also explored different flavor combinations by pairing dark chocolate with the following ; rosemary, lemon, cinnamon, sugar, salt.
The grade 8 unit will center around creating a healthy and nutritious food menu for a school cafeteria. To help launch the unit, we had a grade 10 student present her cafeteria design which she had recently created. We explored what knowledge they have already been taught in their PHE unit around food pyramids and calorie requirements. Student will scaffold off that knowledge as they create delicious but healthy food items for their menu.
During the week we launched the unit which will center around a Masterchef style competition and success will be evaluated using our other sensors (observation, audible, odor) rather than taste. They explored different flavor combinations and did some blind testing to try recognize different smells and tastes.
Grade 10s are planning and executing the evaluation of their products. Given that students could choose their own products it’s hard to describe all of them. To name a few, we have had the grade 7 and 12s complete a basketball training videos to evaluate its effectiveness , presentations to the head of school and kindergarten students watching a Seesaw training video. The idea is to complete authentic tests on their products.