Grade 7 to 9 had a cracking week mostly in the workshop as students finish their products. Grade 10 have been working on completing their final design plans. I will let pictures tell most of the story.

Students put the final touches to their bird encouragement products. They produced a mix of feeders, habitats and water stations. They updated their process journals and reflected on changes that they have made from their final drawings. In design, we often see plans and ideas changing as students meet obstacles in the production stage.
This week was dedicated to evaluating the pavers. Criterion D asks students to test their products based off their original specification. This is mostly done by physically observation of the pavers but by also carrying out ‘destructive’ tests. As you may see in the photos some didn’t survive this part of the design cycle….. We have now wrapped up this successful unit which was centered on ‘who am I’ where students used the medium on concrete to create metaphors that represent them. They reflected on their successes and improvements they would make on their pavers. I am sure students enjoyed this unit as much as Mr Isles and I have.
Grade 9s have finished their products. At the beginning of the unit they had chose a design challenge for a teacher. From top left going clockwise we have a mallet storage unit with a sliding drawer for Mr McBirnie, a goat water solution for Ms Liezel, a workshop work table for Mr Isles, a paintbrush holder for Ms Rehil, building signage for Mr Robeau, 2 different types of lunch trays for student chairs. Well done to them. The products are awesome and I can’t wait to see them in use around the school. Next stage of the design cycle is the evaluation stage.
Grade 10 have been finalising their final product design and requirements. The products are varied but all are community based products. Next stage of the cycle is to produce the product, the more difficult part of the design cycle where ideas get turned into reality….. Well done to the grade 10 for staying focused and delivery their work after a tiring week of mock exams last week.