When we set up the ABIS ceramics room, we decided to create tile swatches for each of our purchased glaze colors so that students in art classes would be able to see a preview of what each color looks like after firing. A number of students were interested in helping with this ongoing task, so it was set up as a combined SA and CAS service activity. Here is a list of our volunteers so far:

  • Lizzy, Noaf, and Kavya in Grade 12
  • Al Reem in Grade 9
  • Emma, Amanda, RenĂ©e, Finley, and Gabriel in Grade 8
  • Zainab in Grade 7

Not only is having a glaze library tremendously useful for the art department, but these students are gaining extra practice at building their ceramics skills, which gives them an advantage in both MYP and DP visual art classes. Many thanks to all of our volunteers!