Most of the students (Grade 7 to 9) have been working in the design kitchen. Students have spent several periods discussing safety and best practice while in the teaching space.

Students practiced their knife skills using carrots. They have been shown how to practice 4 different types of carrots. Parents feel free to ask them to help in the kitchen 😀
To enhance their knife skills, students created vegetable kebabs and then shown how to safely bake them in the oven. Next challenge was making pancakes using a limited number of ingredients and how to use the new induction hobs. Both tasks required a sensory evaluation to complete the lesson.
Chop chop – carrots were diced, cubed and julienne’d. They then needed to figure out how to bake them in the oven. At the same time they poached some 🥚 eggs….. to learn how to use the hob and the valuable tool in the kitchen of multitasking.

This week was the last week for grade 10 to finish their products. The range is exciting; from video on seesaw/basketball to plans for a school cafeteria. Students have enjoyed the freedom and flexibility that this unit has offered and it has shown in their products.