We were busy getting to know each other in French class this week and assessing our language levels. Students played a fun Kahoot! game to find out all about “prof” (they were shocked to know I have seven siblings!) and there was a winner in each class.

We had our pre-assessments, a process by which we can better understand our language levels in French. Students were given both a written and oral assessment and we will discuss their results in class next week. The oral assessment was an individual task where students had time to look at a photo (such as this street scene) and talk about it for 1-4 minutes, depending on their grade level. The written task also involved a visual stimulus.

Pre-assessments are very important in that they help teachers monitor students’ progress and measure growth. They are also a great tool for students to monitor their own growth. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing my students’ progress in French class this year!