It was a short but sweet week where we enjoyed getting to know how each of us spent the winter break. Experiences ranged from falling off the ski slopes in Austria to chillaxing at home in Sohar.

Grade 12 DP students are jogging their memory on Persepolis to make revision notes for Paper 2. In preparation to starting Maus in grade 11, we shared our prior knowledge about WWII and the holocaust. Additionally, we made connections to events happening around the world that frightenly mirror the beginnings of a holocaust. Grade 9 is finishing up their last assessment for this unit. Grade 10 lost no time in getting back to IGCSE exam prep. review mode. Grade 7/8 language acquisition class has started a new and exciting unit “Who will fight for what is right?” This unit will focus on young social activists from around the world that are fighting for global causes close to their heart.