The primary and middle school have leaped in to the end of year show work with enthusiasm!
 This year our end of year event is MAY 18 – earlier in order to accommodate and honour our families who observe Ramadan. The theme of the show is the OLYMPICS and the children are learning exciting ways to express this idea through music, song and dance. These dances will be performed by students from K3 – Grade 8.
For the Primary School and Middle School, the dances are a look at different sports promoted in the Olympics and movement associated with each sport has been adapted into dance moves and shapes. Each class (except our youngest) chose from a selection of sports and most grades also had input into the music that was determined for each event.  
Here are their sports:
K3 – synchronised swimming

Grade 1 – swimming

Grade 2 – running
Grade 3 – archery
Grade 4 – equestrian
Grade 5 – field events
Grade 6 – martial arts
Grade 7 – basketball
Grade 8 – football
Keep an eye on the Broadcaster; as we get closer we will be looking at what our students can wear for this evening. You can also get sneak previews like the ones included J