Grade 7 Science

This week in Grade 7 we continued with our unit on Food. We were able to test for the presence of different food types. Students also sat for their end of unit 1 assessment on Cells. Students taking their end of unit assessment:

Grade 11 and 12 Physics

Having completed the first Core chapter on Measurements and Uncertainty, this week Grade 11 started on a new unit, Mechanics. As a prescribed practical by the IB, students had to experimentally determine the acceleration of free fall. Later they will use the IB...

Grade 7 science

Grade 7 continued on the unit FOOD this week. Students had to research, present and use empirical data to decide whether a smoothie is better than a fruit salad. Later in the week, students did some activities to showcase their understanding of what a balanced diet...

Grade 9 Science

This week we continued on the sub-unit Gravitation. Students determined the Earth’s gravitational acceleration experimentally. They documented limitations to the methodology and suggested improvements for more accurate and reliable data collection...

Grade 9 Science

Grade 9 have completed their first Unit on Models (Atomic structure and Waves). Students prepared for their summative assessment through self-led and teacher directed tasks.