• “Knowledge is not intelligence” [Heraclitus] 
  • “knowledge needs to be a verb” [Edwards Deming]

These two quotes provide us with the basis of what can be achieved. Knowledge can be learnt. And we can use that knowledge to bring about change through critical thinking and doing.

Maths and Science for grades 7-8 has been all about learning and applying knowledge. This week, the focus has been on application of all that we have learnt and integrated between the two subjects. Learning to bring our knowledge to bear on a real life issue means that we reflect deeply on all that we know (in whatever subjects) and connect the dots.

This has been the focus and real challenge for these students. If there is anything they remember from these years, it will be WHY? why do we say that? why do we accept somethings and not others? Questioning and seeking answers are the true measures of success.