After a nice successful International Evening where grades 7-11 showed their third assessment pieces, the pressure was then on for our IGCSE/DP dancers and three middle schoolers. The IGCSE/DP students have been collaborating with students at BSM and last night ten dancers – Courtney, Claire, Jade, Fiza, Anton, Trisha, Grace, Felicity, Willem and Claire Willis – travelled to Muscat as guest artists in one of the BSM annual shows. 

ABIS performed three pieces – all self choreographed – and a fourth collaborative piece with students from both schools involved. The night was the result of several trips to Muscat for rehearsals and practice. Our students performed in front of an audience three times the size of ones they have been used to and gained precious conceptual understandings of theatre space and how to move within the dimensions of stage, wings and fly space, and the standard understanding of stage direction. The experience of being under lights facing a darkened auditorium has left them deeply appreciative of the enhanced results of their performances. 

Film was taken and will be available from BSM in April. A heartfelt thanks to Miss Bamforth, the Dance Teacher at BSM and to the school itself for their willingness to collaborate creatively and especially to Miss Bamforth for offering her dance studio, dancers and time to the endeavour. Our students are much richer for the experience. 

Coming up on June 15 is a dance competition between both schools and all secondary students at ABIS are invited to participate. More details soon! For now, the students are taking a well deserved breather before dance exams and the EOY show! 

Enclosed are the videos for international evening – enjoy the efforts of our seondary students!