Returning from the February break has seen our secondary dancers jump (jeté, leap, pirouette) into class. 
International Evening is looming in March and the students from grades seven to ten are working on their folk dance pieces. They are required to take traditional dances from a certain country and use the signature steps to create their own piece – which can be modern and set to modern music from that country. This year the students have chosen pieces from Peru to Nepal, so there is an interesting line up.
IGCSE dancers are also working on a performance piece for the performance at the British School of Muscat which takes place on the evening of Sunday March 20th. The students are working on a joint piece with the BSM students as well as creating pieces of their own. We are extremely lucky to have this opportunity to perform to a wider audience, in an authentic theatre setting where our students have the opportunity to consider design concepts to further enhance their dance. 
This semester, students have been asked to complete an analysis of one of their performances – for the sevens and eights there are three to choose from and for the nines and tens there are two performances – this includes the International Evening performance on March 17. The IGCSE dancers will also have their Cabaret number and the BSM piece to choose from. This analysis was assigned and discussed in September 2015, is due in April, and the students have been provided with their assessment criteria and expectations in their dance booklets and in emails. Notification is also on the calendar. Take some time to check over your kids’ pieces – there are always thoughtful and interesting responses to the rare pieces of homework that are assigned in Dance.  
The enclosed photos show the creating and choreographing that has been going on.