incredibly, we have reached that time of the year when it is time to relax, kick back and enjoy. No more online, staring at screens and deadlines. We have spent ANOTHER year with Covid restrictions – and we are not out of the woods yet! So please take care during this holiday. Have fun but continue to exercise caution with social distancing, sanitizing, and wearing masks – especially out of your “social bubble”.

I have enjoyed working with all of you. I know that I have pushed you hard with work, challenging you with so many tasks and deadlines – but this is all in preparation for the next grade and the growth that you will embrace. I am awed by the resilience that many of you have shown – rocking up in class, participating, challenging, and inquiring about so many things. It has made the year enjoyable. I was really glad for the brief face-to-face contact – at least we did get to spend some time together and get to know one another. For those that are leaving ABIS, I wish you well in the years to come. To those that I will not be teaching next year, I will still see you at school (hopefully).┬áSo enjoy the break and come back refreshed and ready for the new year!