Curiosity is the basis of Scientific study

In this term we focused on the skills of writing, making notes, analyzing and communicating scientific ideas. Observation is a skill that is too often taken for granted. In science, we are challenged to examine closely – much more than just accepting something at face value! That observation should lead to questions – WHY?               Being able to record your observations and data and then to process them meaningfully in trying to reach an understanding or conclusion involves a certain scientific rigor – inquiry and analysis. Then comes the final step- reporting the study. These reports should clearly document the study and conclusions. Communication is a vital component to reproducing and enhancing further study and is an important skill to develop in science. Even if the specific study is long forgotten, the scientific process of reporting studies is what should endure!                            I am happy to say that most Grade 7-8 students have risen to the challenge and grades for this term are definitely on the up!