Students in Grade 7 were reflecting on the question “What is Life?’ and started their journey into inquiring about things more scientifically. Exploring the building blocks of life and other “critters” that may be on the borderline of life is expanding their world into things microscopic. Talking about microscopes, students should receive their Foldable Micrsoscopes soon and we will look at using them to explore things that we know from a different perspective!¬† We will be consolidating this work in the coming week.

Grade 8s are dealing with human impact o the environment from the lens¬† “how do we balance our needs with that of future generations as well as other inhabitants of planet earth?” We have discussed this topic from several viewpoints and there is a whole lot to think about!

These are BIG issues with no clear cut answers. Learners have to apply themselves through inquiry, thinking and reflection. Engage your children in discussions on these topics and I am sure you will be surprised at what they have learned.

Have a great weekend!