Time flies when you are having fun.

A full academic year has been completed and students have done some serious amount of progress in Science around here.

Grade 12 students graduated and are waiting for results to go to university after a well deserved summer.

Grade11 students have completed all the required topics and practical work for the first Diploma year and they are well on track for their final IB year. They need to remember that this summer is a bit special and they will have to schedule some revision time along the way. They will also need to complete their extended essay first draft, which is quite intense, so they don’t have much time to lose.

Grade 7 students completed the last topic on Earth Science and need to enjoy the summer and come back in September with full energy, as the grade 8 curriculum is more demanding than the grade 7.

As for me, I will miss you all in September as we are moving after 5 years to Dubai. It has been a pleasure to be around here and to contribute to the education of all these fantastic students. I wish you all the best and good luck for the coming year.

Have a fantastic summer holiday

Jorge Lopez