The ABIS Swimming Gala is a highpoint of the school year

Sport for everybody

Our great sports facilities let our students explore their talents.

The deep connection between the body and the mind is obvious. At ABIS we know that sport provides all students with the opportunity to develop skills, confidence and inner strength.

Sports most suited to a smaller school…

We have concentrated on developing our sports programmes around sports which are accessible for smaller groups of children. As such, our main competitive emphasis is on swimming and basketball. That doesn’t mean to say that the programme is limited. We also provide opportunities to engage in athletics, soccer, tennis beach volleyball… the list goes on and on.

Swimming is an important sport at ABIS and we have a very active swim team


Two indoor basketball courts and 3 outdoor courts allow for our students to have plenty of opportunity to build their skills.


We have a thriving gymnastic club which is much appreciated by many of our students.


Our sports day allows all our students to show off their athletic abilities, as well as teamwork!

PE Classes

All students are involved in our wide ranging and inclusive PE programme designed to develop team building skills, general fitness and self confidence.