The central Atrium in our Learning Communities is a great space for presentations


Neil Tomalin MBA, BA (Hons.), QTS, FRSA

Head of School

Neil has been the Head at ABIS for the last 7 years and has been instrumental in driving the school forwards.

Where we are affects who we are.

Our school is designed around learning. We have combined the latest research into the impact that environments have on success with our knowledge of how children learn to create a special space.

A place of learning…

Spaces designed for effective learning

We now know how children learn best and what kind of spaces allow them to active, productive and creative learners. By taking a research driven approach to designing the school’s facilities we created spaces where children of all ages love to learn.

We have created a Community of Learners.

Find out about the people supporting ABIS

The Al Batinah International School is incredibly lucky to have a huge amount of support from the local community. Jointly owned by Sohar Aluminium and Orpic, our school is lead by people who are passionate about quality above all else.

Accredited by the very best to give you peace of mind

ABIS is fully accredited by the globally renowned, not-for-profit accreditation agency, The Council of International Schools. One of just a few schools in the region to have achieved this, CIS Accredited Member status is your guarantee that the school is well run and mission driven

Offering the gold standard of international education to students in Sohar

We are proud to be an IB World School. As an authorised Inernational Baccalaureate school we offer high quality and research based learning to our students. As the only IB school in the region, we driven to offer a programme to our students which is of the highest quality.

Challenge Yourself, Involve Yourself, Be Your Best