A community of learners

Learning... together

ABIS offer much more than a traditional school… it is a community of learners

ABIS works hard to make children develop a deep sense of belonging. Giving them the feeling that what they say and do are important and valued.

When we learn together, learning is better

We now know how children learn best and what kind of spaces allow them to active, productive and creative learners. By taking a research-driven approach to designing the school’s facilities,  we created spaces where children of all ages love to learn.

We have created a Community of Learners.

Our Early Childhood Centre

Our Early Childhood Centre is the heart of our school. Our youngest children have a very special place at ABIS.

We work hard to encourage connections between the older students and the little ones fostering strong relationships between them through House teams and special events.

Shared sporting events

Some of the most important learning takes place outside of the classroom.

At ABIS, students are encouraged to share their successes (and challenges), become role models to younger students, and aspire to to be the best that they can be.

Spacious (play)grounds

Our grounds are designed to provide lots of spaces for physical and imaginative plays, lively discussions and collaborative learning.

Learning at ABIS is designed to take place everywhere.

The ABIS Farm

The ABIS Farm lies at the heart of the ABIS Campus. A place to connect to the natural world, the farm provides students with the ability learn in an authentic environment and gives them a space to breathe.

Our farm is currently occupied by our two amusing goats, our chickens and fishes. Our middle schoolers are busy making bird houses to attract more species in the farm.