The ABIS Mission is focussed around the needs of each individual student

Driven by our mission and vision

ABIS is a school where reality is closely aligned with our Mission…

We will challenge and inspire all students to reach their full potential by becoming well-rounded global citizens and successful lifelong learners.

A place of learning…

A school which is driven by an important Mission… not profit

We are incredibly lucky to be able to focus all of our energy and resources around offering students the very best education that we can. Our strategic planning processes are all focussed around continuous improvement and driving the school closer to its goal.

In our CIS Membership Accreditation visit, the team commented on the close alignment between the school’s mission & vision and reality.

ABIS aims to create a community of learners

Our Strategic Goals

Our strategic goals provide us with focus when it comes to realising our Mission. Set in 2017 through collaboration between the ABIS Team, the wider community and the Board, they guide our school improvement planning.

Goal 1: Inclusion
To ensure that all students can experience personal success through the school’s programmes.
Goal 4: ABIS Team
To recruit, empower & retain exceptional staff members who commit to achieving our Mission and Vision.
Goal 2: Learning & Teaching
To use student centred, innovative learning and teaching approaches that are informed by research and realise the school’s Mission and Vision.
Goal 5: Governance & Leadership
To ensure that the school is governed and led in a manner which is Mission driven and in line with best practice for other like international schools.
Goal 3: Environment & Safety
To provide a rich, safe and engaging environment for learning that promotes the well being of all students.
Goal 6: Financial Viability
To obtain financial stability for the school by ensuring that enrolment and income are sufficient for the school to achieve its Mission and Vision.

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Challenge Yourself, Involve Yourself, Be Your Best

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