Exploring wonderful Oman

Oman Week offers new experiences, challenges & successes.

Every year we dedicate a week of the school year to learning about the beauty and wonders of Oman, as well as ourselves…

One week a year… a lifetime of memories

Exploring the world around us is an essential part of growing up. At ABIS we provide our students with age appropriate experiences which extend them in a myriad of ways…

K1 to Grade 2

Our young children learn about the traditions, history and future of Oman from members of our local community. They visit local farms and the wadis near the school.

Camping in Fiza – G3

Our Grade 3 students have their first camping experiences in a village near the school. In a safe and happy environment they enjoy camping with each other.

Exploring Muscat with G4

Grade 4 spend 5 days in Muscat, exploring the city, visiting all the great museums and even going to the Opera!

G5 visit Jebel Akhdar 

The Hoota caves and the wonderful mountainous region around Jebel Akhdar are where the Grade 5 students spend their Oman week.

Learning to sail in G6

Oman Sail host our children for a week of learning how to sail. All the children learn all the basic skills needed to pass their level 1 sailing certificate.

G7 goes camel trekking

The high point for a Grade 7s is our 5 day Camel Trek. The student join local camel trainers on a wonderful journey through the local wadis.

G9 go to Jebel Shams

Our Grade 9 students take on the real challenges of Jebel Shams. Skilled instructors teach the students to abseil, climb & slide. Wow!

G10’s charity work in India

Grade 10 fly to the Maher charity in Pune, India where they give a week of life to help others and become part of this wonderful community.