Ritual objects have been in use since the beginning of human history. We usually think of figurines, incense burners and other treasures from ancient cultures, but what about our own contemporary rituals, like that morning cup of coffee or after-shower skincare regimen?

Michigan ceramic artist Guy Adamec has created a body of works that represent a playful take on the ceremonial vessel. Are these bowls functional or just conceptual art? For what “ancient” rituals might they have been used? And what rituals might we invent or choose to share in our own artwork; would they be practical, solemn, funny?

Grade 10 visual art students are currently working on their designs now that they have had their very first opportunity to try throwing a clay bowl on the pottery wheel. (It’s a lot harder than it looks–just ask them!) They will ultimately be able to choose from any combination of throwing or hand building techniques.