have you completed and submitted your summative tasks in google classroom

Both grade 7 and 8 have completed a massive unit. Grade 8s dealt with waves and how the human senses convert this into sound, sight and color. We also explored the use of waves in human endeavors. Grade 7s had a huge task in producing a report on motion studies as well as a general summative on the section. I have tried introducing elements of practical science in the last few weeks – a trend I hope to build and add to in the future. Please ensure that all outstanding summative tasks (you know who you are – parents please check!) are submitted on google classroom as I will be reviewing and assessing these during the break.  Have you completed and submitted your summative tasks in google classroom? 

In Math, Grade 7 have looked at how negative numbers have meaning in human activity, from finance, to direction, magnitude and altitude. We explored the concepts of WHY the result of a negative number SUBTRACT a negative number could be positive or negative or WHY a negative number MULTIPLIED by a negative number is positive. This is so much more than just the rules of Integer operations! A summative test was done and the results will be available in the week we return. Enjoy the break and come back refreshed!