The home movie challenge is going well and we have received some entries already. A few have been in the drama category as well as one very creative Sports Movie. Remember you can earn House Points with your movie. The more people ( students ) you have in your movie the more points you can earn for your house. You don’t have to be together to do this but can do different parts separately and then edit it together. You can also earn points if your movie is longer than three minutes and for the quality of the movie as judged by the judges. The movie must follow its theme e.g Comedy, Murder Mystery, Action, Drama etc Movies will be judged in four age groups – G3&4, G5&6, G7,8&9 and G 10,11&12. Judging will take place on the 11th of June. If you need any additional information please contact Mr Healy, Mr Isles or Mr Carberry.