Wow what a week

The children have had a great week and have all earned valuable house points for their teams. Thank you all for supporting our spirit week the children looked fantastic. Have a lovely winter break.

Poetry in motion

The rain inspired us on Sunday to write our own rain poems. We followed this by writing map poems and then went to the farm to write farm poems. I think we have some budding poets in Grade 2. On Wednesday we visited the science fair it was inspirational.


Well done to our beautiful dancing snowflakes. You were amazing. The students have been busy this week publishing their own stories and solving maths word problems. They have also been reflecting on the their mapping knowledge.

National Day Celebrations

This week the students shared their Omani culture with us and had fun celebrating in school. In UOI we were working on following cardinal directions. If you can download a compass onto your phone for your children they can practice their skills. They have been...