Learning together!

This week, we had some special visitors from Australia, Ms Jo and Mr Kelvin, who lead workshops for the teachers and modelled Literacy lesson with the K1 students. We read the story Little bee by Edvard Gibbs and then we all visited the farm to learn how to care for...

Start of the Animals UoI

This week we started our new Unit of Inquiry about local animals. We looked at some toy animals and sorted them into 2 categories: the ones that they thought lived in Oman and the others that live elsewhere. The students believed animals like penguins, elephants and...

ECC Arts&Crafts day

Today we were busy creating some necklaces, painting and decorating pots, learning how to make pinch and snake pots out of clay and decorating picture frames. It was wonderful to see how dedicated to their work our students were! Enjoy the photos!

Making shakers

We explored the sense of hearing by making shakers. The students decorated some paper bowls and picked some items that they wanted to fill their shakers with. Then we listened to how each one of them sounded and enjoyed the shaker orchestra at the very end.