Our first week in K3

The children had a wonderful first week of school! We focused on getting to know each other, understanding how to stay safe in school, and learning new routines. It has been a pleasure to see their smiles and excitement as they play safely with their friends.

Becoming avid writers!

K3 superstars have been special detectives this week as they found words with letter blends. Listening to special sounds in words can be challenging; yet, fun! The children explored using their creativity to draw and write words with sounds that blend together.

We made it!

The K3 superstars have been amazing learners! They have skip counted in different ways, investigated about making balanced choices and the human body, and discovered the reader and writer within them. Have a wonderful winter break and see you in January for more fun...

We are thinkers!

K3 online is doing an amazing job! As we begin to inquire about making balanced choices and how our body works, we started to notice how we use our thinking skills. The children enjoyed playing a game where we had to guess what each one was doing that required careful...