Ready for a new start

The rain did not stop us from reuniting and continuing with our learning journey for the new year. Grade 1 shared stories about their winter break and reflected upon the importance of working together as we continue growing as learners and individuals. This week we...

Our Rock Research

Does my rock sink or float? What happens to my rock when it’s placed in vinegar? Is my rock shiny or dull? How hard is my rock? Is it easy to scratch? Let’s explore and find out.

Rocks and soil is all around us!

Grade 1 explore rocks and sorted them according to how much they weighed. As the children compared rocks, they noticed that sometimes they are not as heavy as they seem. To celebrate who we are and our transition into our UOI on rocks, we planted sunflowers!

Sharing With Our Buddies

Today was a special day for Grade 1. The children got to share their information books on how families help each other with their Grade 4 buddies. The older kids were excellent role models and encouraged their younger buddies to share their knowledge with confidence....

Talented “bucket fillers”

“Everyone is born with an invisible bucket. Your bucket holds all the love and happiness that you receive each day. When your bucket is full, you feel happy.” Grade 1 has been exploring this idea by creating and performing stories that show the joy of...