The grade 10 students have taken all but their science and interdisciplinary on-screen exams this week. For those that are counting, that leaves two exams to take next week, SCIENE on Thursday afternoon and INTERDISCIPLINARY on Friday afternoon. I am sorry for any inconvenience the Friday exam may cause you. We follow the schedule set by IB. Thank you for bringing your child to school and picking them up for these unusual times.

Of course each of the students, having completed their ePortofolio, each subject area exam, and after demonstrating completion of the ABIS Service as Action programme, will be hoping for a good set of results on the eAssessments so that they earn the MIddle Years Programme Certificate. It is a notable achievement but also keep in mind that earning the certificate is not a requirement for getting into the DP Programme here at ABIS.

The students have taken each step of the process seriously. We appreciate the dedication they have shown to complete all that has been required of them. Their commitment reflects well on them as a group of young people.

The pictures here are simply them taking their tests today.

I hope you have a restful and enjoyable weekend.