Thank you to everyone who was able to send in recyclables. As you can see the children put them to great use and had a fantastic time. Upon suggestion of this project, instantly the children came up with items they wanted to make. They enjoyed looking through the materials to find what they needed and then working out how to create their vision. They problem solved and worked together.

Marco- octopus, Noora – a bag, Maggie- 2 characters, Henrique- a house, Reema- a bag
Brainstorming out ideas
Zain-a tank, Misk- a car
Fahd- a rocket, Reema’s bag

Reading our “I can” books together. Please enjoy reading them with your child. They have illustrated this book beautifully.
“V is for Vic’s van”- we made letter v’s with a vans track.
Matching and building our “I can” sentence.
Matching our sentences to the illustration, looking at beginning sounds, counting words and building sentences.