Dear Parents and Students,

Another busy week, welcome to the end of week 29.  

For photos of students hard at work learning and having fun this week please see our Grade 6 Picture folder linked below.

2021 2022 Week 29 photos


With the start of Ramadan this week students have had a modified homework schedule. Next week we begin our Exhibition unit in earnest. For this, students’ homework will be based around their inquiry however will continue to include Mathematics basic facts, Reading and Spelling. Please also remember to sign your child’s homework each week. Thank you.

Reading, Writing and Inquiry

Central Idea:

Human actions impact climates.

Lines of Inquiry:

For this we will inquire into the following;

  • Human and natural causes of climate change 
  • Effect of climate change on animals 
  • Effect of climate change on biomes 

For our UOI, students have been watching footage about our planet and how human action impacts climates. Students have also been putting together a list of other resources that inform this subject. For this please see the link below:

G6 E-resources for Sharing the Planet 

For writing, we have also been working on describing ‘small moments’ and extending our writing by including figurative language devices such as metaphor, simile, consonance, alliteration, personification and more. Please see the link here to provide more detail about figurative language:

We also continue to extend ourselves in our writing by trying to use words instead of ‘Said’ in our written dialogue.

Instead of Said


For mathematics this week students worked to grow their mathematical understanding of geometry. This included learning about; 3D nets and polyhedra. Students were also asked to share their learning about tessellations by creating their own Mathematical Art piece to show this. For this students watched the video below and completed a simple tessellation. Students have now learnt about rotation, Translation, Tessellation and reflection.

For our Grade 6 schedule please see the link here: Grade 6 Ramadan schedule

Notices/ Worth Repeating

Regarding Covid 19:

As you will have seen in the news, regarding health and safety protocols around Covid 19, Oman is making moves towards normalcy. We continue to maintain our high standards and our current procedures however and ask that we all remain vigilant in this respect. 

   As a reminder please see the points below:

  • Do not send your child to school if they are exhibiting any symptoms of Covid.  Keep them home until a doctor confirms that they can safely return to school. 
  • Please inform the school immediately once you are aware of any confirmed covid cases in your family, or of any close contacts with confirmed or suspected cases.
  • Please follow the updated Covid Management protocols which our school will be following in the event of positive or close contact cases throughout our unvaccinated primary population.
  • Primary grades will maintain grade level “bubbles”.  This means they will eat and play within their own designated outdoor spaces.
  • Music and PE will continue as normal.   

As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Wishing you all a great weekend ahead.

Sincere regards,

Your partners in learning.

The Grade 6 Teaching team

Glen Nicholson, Maryam Al Muqbali, Khadija Alornrani