Well!! Grade 4 didn’t know WHAT was going on when they got to school on Monday! “No questions,” said Ms Kirsty. “Suit yourself,” said Ms Amy. On arriving, students looked for the timetable and the magnetic signs for the board but they were not there! As the students walked around the room they noticed that there were worksheets at the back of the room in neat piles.

Slowly the students realised that nobody was going to tell them what to do and they could make their own rules.

ANARCHY! an = without archy = rule or government.

Yes, Grade 4 is investigating different forms of government and the students really enjoyed their morning of anarchy. After uncertainty at the beginning, “When is she going to tell us what to do?” “Where is the timetable?” “I feel a bit uncared for.” the students happily occupied there time.

Unsurprisingly it wasn’t “anarchy” as we picture it, with riots and chaos it was a great learning experience for the students.