Is it REALLY your right?

Grade 5KL spent some time this week comparing rights with privileges. We read a variety of ideas and decided whether they were a right or a privilege. How knowledgeable Grade 5 was. It was a great activity.

Further Adventures with STEAM

This week the Grade 4&5 STEAM challenge was to make an artistic and free standing tall structure using only 10 marshmallows and half a bag of standard spaghetti. The students were also given 60cm of masking tape as an assistance. Great fun (and a little...

A Visit to the Farm

On Tuesday Grade 5KL students went to visit our animal friends at the school farm. We used the visit as a writing prompt for our first piece of writing. The goats certainly enjoyed our visit. The chickens….. not so much.

Full STEAM Ahead

STEAM started in Grades 4 and 5 on Wednesday. The students undertook a construction challenge using 30 straws and 60cm of masking tape. Both Mr. Eriks and I were really pleased with the way the groups worked and the wonderful ideas they came up with. Kirsty...

Playing Place Value Dice Games

This week we started our year’s maths by revising place value. In pairs, the students played a dice game where they had to make numbers after rolling a 10 sided die. Once they had made the number, they had to place it on the ladder between zero and 100. As an...