It was a big week being risk-takers, inquirers and communicators when we explored making SLIME! It was also a time to practise taking turns and helping each other. It also helps us to develop our fine motor skills.

Recently the ABIS library has seen an influx of library books that are coming back after having been checked out up to 3 years ago! There are many books that are still missing from the library. Please take the time in the next few weeks, or during the upcoming winter break, to look through your bookshelves and children’s rooms for any ABIS library books. They may have ABIS stamps inside or out, an ABIS barcode on the back cover and/or a library spine label. We are working hard in the library to have all books marked consistently so that our users are able to locate the books they need as quickly as possible. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Presenting and sharing our stories.
Making our bodies- Can you see what we our bodies are doing?
We showed our friends what are bodies can do.
Sharing. Communicating. Practicing fine motor skills. EXPRESSING OURSELVES!
Finding about Slime ingredients: cornflour, normal flour and shaving foam!
Making “cloud dough”- Ms Ancilla bought baby shampoo instead of baby oil!
National Day Photos