Mental maths is a powerful foundation to understand more complex issues. Memorization of basic calculations enable students to focus on learning beyond the basic operations. To assist learners improve their basic math skills, we are using an amazing online resource called  It has step-by-step visual explanations, and self-assessed exercises. I can also assign specific tasks to address individual learning areas. I normally set a range of exercises which learners are expected to complete in their own time. This would not be more than 5-10 minutes per day if done regularly and they are given a week to complete them.  Please encourage your children to check and complete these tasks as a solid foundation built now will pay dividends later on. Another useful online resource is which provides yet another approach to fun learning.

We are also focusing on self-management and organizational skills. Students have a separate book for Maths and do all their work in this book. It will become a valuable resource for consolidating learning. Writing is an important communication skill and a cognitive tool that assists memorization and deeper learning. At this level, I do not set homework as we do most of the work in class. However, if students have difficulty with certain topics I will use these resources to assist them. Please contact me if you have any questions. I will be setting up individual meetings with parents in due course and hope to chat to you soon.