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All DP Chemistry students must conceive of, plan, and execute an investigation into a specific topic within a realm of chemistry. This includes posing a research question, collecting the data to answer it, setting up an efficient data collection system, collecting and analyzing the data. The end point is to be able to answer their research question with some certainty. Marks are awarded for a variety of things but I want to take a moment here to express the importance of students making a personal connection to the material. They need to be able to explain why their quest is interesting to them and why it matters.

We have started our work in earnest now and students are spending one period each week in class setting up their experiments. Students will need to spend additional time working on their labs over the next couple weeks . Currently the chemistry students are working at school and the biology students are working from home. Here are some pictures of the lab work that was going on at school this week.

It is important that all data be collected before the December break with enough time to start the analysis (one student currently growing plants will need to take a little more time. It has been nice working with the students at lunch time and in class this week.