What an amazing week! The rush, the late hours, the making sure that everything and everyone was ready for the kids has paid off! This week has shown us that online learning can be positive and fun, a mixture of on-screen and off-screen activities.We have bedded down rules of engagement and conduct and the use of technology – that will hopefully become routine background noise to actual learning. An what a lovely group of kids. From grade 7 to 12, I was duly impressed and I hope that we forge strong relationships on this path of discovery. Making Math and science real and meaningful is a passion of mine and one that I hope to share. By next week we should begin easing into actual work. I, for one, cannot wait to get started. Even though, there is much to do and learn – even as teachers! Carpe Diem. Let us seize the day; seize the opportunity and live it to the fullest.