Hello everyone, I am Mr Andres Bradshaw and I will be the new Diploma Programme Physics and Biology teacher and one of the MYP Science teachers. I will also be taking over as the Diploma Programme Coordinator when I arrive in the Sultanate of Oman. I love science and I hope I can convey that sense of scientific awe and wonder to you all. I last visited Oman in 1991 and have wonderful memories of friendly people and amazing landscapes.  I am looking forward to living in Oman and exploring all that Oman has to offer with my wife Deborah who is a teacher in the Primary School. I was a member of the Royal Air Force for 19 years and tested planes and helicopters so hopefully, that explains why I love Science. I am a keen motorcyclist especially off-road riding and also like to scuba dive and hike and take photographs, some of which you can see in this post. I’m also a geek at heart and play computer games as well as read and listen to music. I am excited to meet you all in person.