It was a busy week this week with the finals of the Inter House Basketball competition being played on Sunday and Monday. On Sunday the Desert Fox girls played the Falcons in a very exciting and close game. The Boccaletti girls, Emma and Greta played with great teamwork and scored regularly to give their team a good lead up to the halfway mark. Sanna really started to find the hoop in the second half of the game and the Falcons looked like they could steal the win to be down 20-18 with a minute to go. Greta scored one last basket for the FOXES to give them the win 22-18. The boys game wasn’t as close with the blue Dolphins racing to a huge 22-2 lead before the half way mark. Newton finally found some form to increase the Leopards score but it wasn’t enough to stop a rampant blue team. Well done all teams on getting to the court early and getting in good game time.